the vatican space

Our 24 hour view-able miniature gallery curated by Kate Murphy

current & past vatican exhibits  #studioevatican


11.1.16 Now Here: Gabriel Stromberg
10.16.17 Will You Still Love Me When I’m Gone: Agusta Sparks
9.1.17 Walking Through The Woods: Chloe Hopeg and Meghin Jean
8.1.17 Filaments (or the memory of a mountain): Mya Kerner
6.1.17 First Day of Summer: Carolina Silva
5.13.17 Test Set: Electric Coffin
3.11.17 Island: Kathy Shannon
2.3.17 Green Head: Damien Hoar de Galvan


12.10.16  Tag, like, Follow: Emily Burns
10.21.16  Note 2 Stranger: Kate Murphy
9.10.17  Late July 2016: Colleen Hayward
6.11.16  Worth: Nikki Mazzei
4.9.16  Flexoplast, After Elizabeth Turrell: Melissa Cameron
3.12.16  Ordinary Language: Jesi Asagi
2.13.16  My father was a very lucky fellow: Christian French
1.9.16  Alignment: Sallyann Corn


11.14.15  Reclining: Curtis Steiner
10.9.15  The Bee Keeper: Cappy Thompson
9.11.15  Sweet Dreams: Louise Wackerman
8.8.15  Curtain Call: Eve Cohen
7.11.15  Sabbatical: Jon B Dove
6.13.15  Hold: Erin Shafkind
5.9.15  Bleistift: Brian Beck
4.11.15  Admirer: Catherine Grisez
3.14.15  Fraction: Robert Hardgrave
2.14.15  Mixt: Netra Nei