Pulp: Robert Hardgrave 5.13.17

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PULP: Robert Hardgrave’s painterly vocabulary has grown out of a dialogue between the classic medium of paint, and image processing, such as Xerox-transfer collages of photographs of magnified, found objects. The interaction between organic gesture and nonorganic form are the literal and the metaphorical underpinnings of Hardgrave’s vocabulary, generating patterns of rigid geometric fragments, anthropomorphic structures, and fluid intervals. In a sort of spiral evolutionary pattern, Hardgrave periodically pushes his repertoire of form to unexplored territories. Pulp is Hardgrave’s recent series of gouache on handmade pulped Xerox paper. In what he calls a “total act of recycling,” the classic medium and Hardgrave’s stable visual language merge with the reused paper structure. Hardgrave is letting these interactions play out by using a gesture that is both controlled and intuitive, which leads to the creation of narratives of transformation among the various parts of the whole. Hardgrave is a Seattle-based artist whose work has been influential in the Pacific Northwest, exhibited internationally, and collected by private owners and institutions.